Karissa Shannon

  • Blonde
  • Piercing
  • Voluptuous
  • Big Ass
  • Enhanced
  • Big Tits
  • Bald ,Innie
  • October 02, 1989
  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Caucasian
  • 125lb
  • 5'10"
  • 34B-25-34
  • New

Network TV star and media mogul Karissa Shannon is world famous along with her twin sister Kristina. Known for their work in adult magizines, TV, and movies, the mainstream appeal of the Shannon twins cannot be understated! Tall, blonde, and beautiful, these two fine ladies sport big tits, hard bodies, and booties chiseled from thousands of reps in the gym. When she isn't tearing up the runway with her twin Kristina, Karissa loves to sing, and actually released tracks available now on most streaming platforms. From glamour modeling to roles in reality TV shows, together, the Shannon twins are an unstoppable force, but even one of them is too much for most hunks to handle!



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