Sheena Rose

  • Redhead
  • Tattoo
  • Petite
  • Small Ass
  • Natural Tits
  • Small Tits
  • Bald ,Outie
  • March 25, 1992
  • California, USA
  • Caucasian
  • 106lb
  • 5'4"
  • 33B-24-34
  • Legacy

Like most disaffected sluts born in the early 90s, Sheena Rose grew up skipping class, sucking dick, and getting into trouble. She was more interested in getting back stage at concerts than going to college, so she found herself working the register at a discount department store. Lost and tired of her dead-end job, Sheena sought out advice from a friend who told her to, "find something you love, and figure out how to make money off it." Well, Miss Rose loves to fuck, so the solution was clear. This gorgeous gal would become Sheena Rose, princess of alt porn.

Since her 2013 debut, this stunning starlet has made a name for herself in the alt community, showcasing her beautiful tattooed skin with all her punk rock friends. It was there that she met her role models: Joanna Angel, who taught her how to market her Gothic punk look, and Bonnie Rotten, who set an example of how inked gals can break into the mainstream market too. She's taken everything she's learned from her idols, kicked down industry doors, and shouted, "Sheena is here to stay, bitches!"

But even though she's realized her dreams and become a full-time pornstar, Miss Rose still stays grounded, taking time out of every day to communicate with her fans. Hugely active on social media, this rock n' roll goddess recognizes everything her followers have done for her. Without them she wouldn't have the fame she has today, and without the fame she wouldn't have the opportunity to bang the world's hottest studs. So enjoy Sheena's balls-to-the-wall energetic performances. It's her own special way of giving back to her loyal fapping fans!

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