Texas Patti

  • Black Hair
  • Piercing
  • Average Body
  • Medium Ass
  • Enhanced
  • Big Tits
  • Trimmed ,Innie
  • January 03, 1982
  • Munster, Germany
  • Caucasian
  • 34B-25-36
  • Rookie

You could go to Oktoberfest, eat and drink until your taste buds couldn't take anymore enjoyment, and you still wouldn't be having as much fun as you could be watching a scene with the Deutschland Diva Texas Patti. From beer gardens to bratwursts, Germany is a country of savors and flavors, but no chocolate or strudel is as delicious as Patti. With tits so mountainous they would embarrass the Alps and an ass that could stop traffic on the Autobahn, Patti's is the Mercedes-Benz of pornstar bodies. Whether she's proving her efficiency by making her man cum in minutes or getting busy in Bavaria, Texas Patti's skills in the sack are so vast that had she been born centuries earlier, the common-folk would've built castles in her name. Ready to find out why so many people prefer a German model these days? Texas Patti is the reason, so check her out right now.

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